Albert Anker-House Ins 2020

all events for 2020 canceled because of Corona Pandemic

Events 2019,  Entrance free, collection at the exit, recommended price Fr. 25.-, no reservation.
Thanks for the sponsoring by Migros Kulturfonds Aare-Seeland.
Buffet in the garden after the events

Time   Event
Sonday 14.06. 17:00
The Seeland musique school   !! canceled because of Corona !!
The students of the music school Seeland give a concert in the garden of the Anker-House. Young and elder students enchant us with their music.

The Baikal Kosaks
!! canceled beacause of Corona !!
The old Kosak warriors founded villages along the Don river, the Volga and the Dnieper. The Baikal Kosaks fascinated the western civilization with their art of singing. Their rich fund of Russian folksinging, ballads an romances still fascinate the auditors and transferre them into the time of the Schiwagos.

The Bowler Hats Jazz Band
!! canceled because of Corona !!

After 53 years still three of the founders play in the 7 musicians Jazzband. They count as one of the most known Jazzbands in Swizzerland. They play Old New Orleans Jazz, Dixieland and Swing as well as new arrangements.

A fascinating tradition in the garden of the Anker-House.

Sonday 09.08. 17:00
With "Ädu Baumgartner uf dr Beizetour" canceled because of Corona
Listen to his amusing chants, stories and novels. The Bernese Troubadour will fascinate his public in the Anker-House.
Sonday 16.08. 10:00
!!canceled because of Corona Covid-19 pandemic!!
Oecumenique service (Albert Anker as theologue)
In the garden of the Anker-House, (by bad weather in the barn.)
With the Jodlerclub Ins.
After the service the two parishes invite for the buffet in the garden.