Foundation Albert Anker-Haus Ins

In merit of a careful inheritance, the house of Albert Anker is still in possession of the family. In 1994 the heir Matthias Brefin, descendant in 4th generation, transferred the complete inhold of the house with the great archiv of left behinds in a foundation with the following objective:
"The foundation intends to conserve the place of living and work of Albert Anker in his actual condition as well as the left works and personal objects in the house Müntschemiergasse 7 in Ins as a cultural good."
In 2016 the house and the environment could be taken over by the foundation.

The council of the foundation

The council of the foundation is under the liability of his culturel and historical duty . He represents the foundation in public and runs the affairs of the foundation.

The council of the foundation is composed as following:

Roger von Wattenwyl,  president.

Matthias Brefin, heir and foundator, vice president.

Jeanne Lüdin, representant of the family.

Bettina Lüdin
, representant of the family.

Dr. Jürg Schweizer, representative of the care of monuments of the canton of Berne

Dr. Nina Zimmer, director and representant of the museum of fine arts Berne

Isabelle Messerli
, historian of art, secretary.

Fabio Verdecchia, Raiffeisenbank Bielersee, Ins, cashier.

Ruedi Graf, representant of the municipal council.

Dr. Claudia Engler, Director of the Burgerbibliothek and representant of the Burgergemeinde Bern.

Christine Büchler, secretary of the CAA (Center Albert Anker)


As the financial resources of the foundation are limited to a minimum, only the most necessary works of running and undertaking the house of Albert Anker can be financed. As extensive works of restoration and archivation are necessary in the coming years, your donation will be a worth full contribution to the conservation of that important and in his kind unique place of Swiss culture. Every donation is owed gratefully.

Account of the Foundation Albert Anker-Haus Ins:

Stiftung Albert Anker-Haus Ins

CH72 8080 8009 1034 3813 8

Stiftung Albert Anker-Haus Ins

3232 Ins

Raiffeisenbank Bielersee

2563 Ipsach

PC-Konto Bank: 25-5389-7

We can send you a bulletin of pay. Pleas ask for it at the following address:

Fabio Verdecchia
Kassier Stiftung Albert Anker-Haus
Föhrenweg 3
2575 Täuffelen
oder unter: E-mail: fabio.verdecchia@raiffeisen.ch