In this house Albert Anker was born, lived and worked

This house stays in the Bernese Lakeland, in the village of Ins/Anet. It stays back from the road as an old farmerhouse with its large, deep clay tile roofing. Here Albert Anker was born and passed the greatest time of his life, here also he died in 1910 at the age of 79 years.

Albert Anker-Haus
frontside of the house of Albert Anker


Unique in that way is the original studio. Albert Anker built it in his fathers house, used it during his lifetime and collected a great number of personal objects. It is carefully conserved until our days and transmits a lot of the artists spirit and the atmosphere of the ending 19th century. This very special studio is open for the public. It may be the only of his kind with in most parts original equipment. One could have the idea, that the artist just left his room and would come back in a moment to take place at his easel and continue painting. The most known paintings of this probably most liked Swiss painter are located in the museums and in private collections. This beautiful house is still property of the family of the painter who cares about it. The inventary belongs to the Foundation Albert Anker House Ins.

Albert Anker-Haus
Albert Anker in his Studio, photo from 1907
Albert Anker-Haus
Albert Anker painting a model Photo from 1902